Poison Oak? Poison Ivy? Get Your Sasquatch On! 
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Sasquatch Itch Cream

Fast Relief for...
 Poison Oak • Poison Ivy • Vicious Insect Bites

Emergency Itch Extinguisher
strong stuff! not for mild itch. sasquatch's secret is in the mild burning sensation you will feel. the more it burns, the better it works!


  • Immediate and Long Term Relief
  • Developed by a former military Dermatologist to treat troops in the field
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Don't let an itchy rash ruin your outdoor experience
  • Designed to keep you in the bush and out of the doctor's office
  • Weatherproof container fits in backpack, tackle box and first aid kits
  • Great for fishermen, cyclists, scouts, campers, hikers, equestrians, and landscapers
  • The most potent poison ivy & poison oak remedy on the market!
  • The preferred poison oak treatment


             Endorsed by Sasquatches Everywhere


                             Available online and at:
                                  The Fly Shop
                                  Trinity Outdoors
                             Hacienda Hay & Feed                                
                        KOA Kampgrounds of America

Thank you for supporting an American small business
                Veteran Owned & Operated

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