Poison Oak? Poison Ivy? Get Your Sasquatch On! 
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Behind the Legend

The Poison  ivy & poison Oak remedy

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Get to Know Us
Dr. Derrick Adams, DO, FAOCD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Medical Director, Vita Dermatology

Dr. Adams created Sasquatch Itch Cream™ to address the needs currently unmet by pharmaceutical companies.  He saw a need for a product that offered immediate and also long lasting relief. As an avid backpacker, Dr. Adams knew fellow enthusiasts would welcome such a powerful product. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak treatments available commercially have never worked for him and rarely for his patients.

He developed the Sasquatch formula while serving in the United States Air Force after a particularly bad poison oak outbreak on base. The base commander challenged Dr. Adams to "keep the men in the field and out of the medic tent!" So Dr. Adams set about compounding various formulas and working with feedback from the soldiers. Several enlightening weeks later, the medic tents were free from poison oak visits and remained so for the remainder of the deployment. Sasquatch Itch Cream was born! Many of his patients are still serving in austere locations and enjoying the benefits of Sasquatch Itch Cream. 

     Dr. Adams is the Medical Director at Vita Dermatology & Laser Center in Red Bluff, California. He graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Health Sciences and did his residency at Michigan State University/Botsford Hospital. He holds professorship positions at Michigan State University and Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is the author of over 35 scientific papers and contributes regularly to numerous magazines and newspapers. He also authors an online skin care magazine Radiance

His skin care blog focuses on the curious and unusual aspects of human skin and its diseases. Please enjoy


Sasquatch, President & CEO

sasquatch bigfoot poison ivy oak itch poison ivy treatment relief cure
      "Living in the bush takes its toll on anyone, including me. Noxious plants, stinging thorns, chomping bugs, and sunburns used to have me scratching my hide off. The forests hold the solutions. But the effective medicinal berries and roots are hard to come by some seasons. I've been able to share my Grandmother Sasquatch's timeless soothing recipes with Dr. Adams to ensure you the highest quality product. This saves us both from rooting around in the dirt." 
     "I am so convinced you will love our Sasquatch Itch Cream that I offer you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. As president and CEO I stand tall and furry behind my product. This is the most powerful poison ivy & poison oak treatment available. Don't be afraid to believe!"



Active Ingredients: 

Proprietary Sasquatch blend of manzanita leaf concentrate*, white willow bark extract, lime, white petrolatum, allantoin, and  dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (licorice root extract). FDA active ingredients: methyl salicylate 6%, menthol 7%, reservatrol, capsaicin 0.05%.

*Manzanita, meaning "little apple" in Spanish, has been used by native peoples in California for the treatment of poison oak as long as their oral traditions can recall. Sasquatch Itch Cream™ contains an ultra concentrated powder extracted from the manzanita. The leaves and stem tips are harvested in a sustainable manner from an area near the Whiskeytown National Forest in Northern California.



All ingredients have a long safety record in humans and Sasquatch. This product is not approved by the FDA for treatment of any condition or disease. Dr. Adams stands behind and endorses this product despite the humorous content of this website. The name and images of Sasquatch Itch Cream™ and the content of this website cannot be reproduced or used without permission. Please contact us if you would like to utilize any content for educational or promotional purposes. 

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