Sasquatch Itch Cream  Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Treatment

Not Tested On Animals or Sasquatch

Directions: Apply a small amount to test your reaction. Wait 15 minutes. It should produce a mild to moderate burning sensation. If tolerable, apply a thin layer to your rash every 2-6 hours as needed.

 Sasquatch Itch Cream™  is specifically formulated to bring immediate relief for the rashes of poison oak, poison ivy, and insect bites. It is not a "block" or "wash" against the resins in these plants.  Sasquatch Itch Cream™ has a unique formula that brings relief within seconds and lasts for hours.  Sometimes the first few applications will sting. This is due to the counter-irritant properties in the cream. Sasquatch rapidly depletes the nerves of their neurotransmitters that generate the horrible itch. If the cream is too powerful for you, or you perceive the cream to sting too much, wash off with vinegar or alcohol. Water will not work. It will be akin to throwing water on a grease fire. You may also try a cold pack to the area to help tolerate the first few applications. Most people tolerate Sasquatch Itch Cream™ very well.

 For best results wash and dry area prior to application if possible. If rash worsens or trouble breathing occurs seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Sasquatch Itch Cream™ can safely be used on any body part. Use caution around the eyes. It will not thin the skin or cause a "rebound" of the rash like many other prescription and OTC treatments. Does not contain cortisone!

Sasquatch itch Cream™  is powerful. Do not use in open wounds, eyes and mouth. Do not ingest this cream. Not for use on children under the age of 5. This product is not intended to treat tick bites, snake bites, or animal bites (especially Sasquatch bites). This product is for the treatment of poison ivy, poison oak, and other outdoor rashes. 

Poison Oak? Poison Ivy? Get Your Sasquatch On!

The More It Burns, The Better It Works!

Tips for The Itchy: 

*The application of something cold helps soothe itchy rashes. Use a cold can of soda, beer, bag of frozen peas or a cold pack. 

*Hot showers and harsh soaps usually make things itch worse in the long run. 

*Keeping Sasquatch Itch Cream™ in the refrigerator provides extra relief when needed.

*Poison ivy and poison oak cannot be spread from the fluid in the blisters. Sasquatch Says: "Ahrrahrei" (Translation: "I agree")

*Rather than purchasing expensive poison oak/ivy washes and soaps, use alcohol wipes or mineral spirits to clean the resin off your skin. The leading poison oak wash is actually just deodorized mineral spirits (at an inflated price!)

Tips for the Fall:

*The resin in poison oak, ivy, sumac can turn black when exposed to oxygen.

*Even after losing their leaves, you can be exposed to the resin from the woody parts of these plants.

*Be cautious burning leaves and limbs. The resin can be aerosolized. 

**Sasquatch Itch Cream™ can be safely used under occlusion. Use some Saran Wrap to cover the area and Sasquatch becomes more powerful!