Sasquatch Itch Cream  Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Treatment

Testimonials (please send us yours)

   "I tried your product after getting into a mess of poison oak this early summer and it truly made life much more managable.  Thanks for you amazing product and your help."  Todd T. Ohio

     "Yes! I bought some yesterday at VITA DERMATOLOGY in red bluff ca. My daughter got sleep finally last night after 2 treatments, she is so happy this morning, the patches of itch has gotten smaller and is not itching. I will never buy anything but this stuff. She was itching so bad and suffering, she was crying. I still cant believe this stuff worked this fast and this good. I have bought stuff over the years and it was all spendy, but never worked worth crap, then buy this stuff, what a relief!!!! My gosh, everyone, it is going away!!!"  - Mary from  Gerber, CA

     "... I got a bad case on my legs after a hike, there was poison oak everywhere. The guy I went hiking with had it and let me use it. My rash was noticeably smaller and less painful within a day or so, and yeah by day 2 or 3 was totally gone" - Chance C. from Cupertino, CA

     "Nothing better for fire ant bites. No more whelps if used 3 times on each bite. I hate fire ants."  Fred S. from Houston, TX

     "I can once again go to my fishing hole and not pay the price later." David S. from Morristown, NJ

     "Sorry for the all-caps but: I LOVE THIS CREAM! THERE IS NOTHING BETTER! Sasquatch Itch Cream works, works great, works fast, and most of all, WORKS FOR ME!" - Mammasass (web submission) 

     "I am a Vietnam Veteran with Agent Orange and I use your product for the constant itch. I wish it came in bigger sizes."  Xavier A. from Naples, Florida. 

Winner of Best Testimonial: "Ahhh. Feels good!"  - Chad P.'s  8 year old son after using it on a mosquito bite. - verbal contribution from Redding, CA

Poison Oak? Poison Ivy? Get Your Sasquatch On!

sasquatch big foot poison oak

Sasquatch in Yosemite

(actually Ray from Tulsa, OK in a gorilla suit)